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Google Apps

While many of us are familiar with Office due to the need to write out and submit various documents, I’m sure we can agree that the most aggravating part about Office was needing to pay a sizable chunk of change for it. Others may be more familiar with OpenOffice, which is a set of MS Office substitute applications that work fairly well, and most notably, are free. But what if there was something that combined the integration of Office with the lack of cost from OpenOffice Let me introduce you properly to the benefits of Google Apps.

To reiterate from the above, the majority of Google Apps is entirely free Googles own office suite apps, Google Docs, is free to use and available to anybody with an internet connection one benefit of using Google Docs is that you wont actually have to make much space in your hard drive to get the benefits of a full suite of office apps. And dont think that this means Googles roster of applications is barren when compared to its competitors. Word processor Check. Spreadsheets Check. Slideshows Check.

But the most notable thing about Googles offered apps is that they are integrated seamlessly with each other allowing for you to access your personal life and private life easily and quickly with a few clicks. Logging in to a Gmail account will let you freely move between the various apps Google offers, and the above mentioned Google Docs is only the tip of the iceberg.

Rueda-Google-AppsGoogle offers their own cloud storage service named Google Drive, which is free to use and lets you store up to a maximum of 15GBs of storage without charge. If youre a power user that wants even more space, Google gives you the option of expanding your drive capacity for a low monthly charge, starting as low as 1.99 for 100GB of space.

This is also synced with Googles own auto-photo backuping system in Google, a social media site thats one click away from just about anything you do using Google Apps that will quickly let you share, socialize, and discover with your contacts. If the user is sporting an Android phone, any images taken are automatically backed up to the cloud to ensure that theyre not lost should something befall your phone. Not a fan of this You can easily turn this setting off.

Whats probably the most famous of Googles apps in their suite is Gmail, which is a free to use and incredibly slick email client with over 425 million active accounts according to Googles own internal stats. Incredibly popular and very functional, one of Gmails highlights is its auto-sorting of any email received into Primary, Social, Sales, and Updates categories, letting you view what you want to view while ignoring annoying sales emails from sites that you didnt even know had your email.

Moving on, all of these apps thoroughly connected both in between themselves, and with the Android operating system. If you have an Android phone, itd be very wise to move onto Googles apps system with Microsoft prioritizing their own Windows Phone, support for your Android phone is likely to be low at best in the foreseeable future.

woman-happy-with-pcWhat about businesses, what if Office is the backbone with which you operate on Not to worry Google offers a package bundling of these apps alongside other business-essential apps such as site hosting, cloud storage for your business files, calendars, professional work email, and more. Still hesitant to jump in Google’s got you covered Google Apps promotion code availability online means that your test run is subsidized and there’s no risk at all.